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Cynthia's Tips

My kind of sewing involves precision techniques that create elegant, custom clothes. One tip to achieve the desired results is to sew with a straight stitch plate and a straight stitch foot. Each of these has only a small hole to allow the needle to penetrate the fabric. Many sewers leave the wide mouth plate and foot on the machine for all of their basic sewing. Have you ever dropped the needle in the fabric, lifted the presser foot, and noticed the edge of the fabric extends beyond the seam allowance guide? Here is another example: you drop the needle into the fabric, raise the presser foot to turn a corner, and literally have to pull the fabric up onto the needle and out of the hole. The momentum of the needle is pushing the fabric into the wide mouth of the plate. This is especially obvious when working with light weight fabrics, making it difficult to sew a straight, accurate seam. Unless the needle position has been changed from the center, I always sew with a straight stitch plate and straight stitch foot.

Cynthia Guffey is a couture dressmaker and fabric store owner, Cynthia teaches techniques for beautifully fitted fashion forward clothing, often incorporating machine embroidery.

To learn more go to http://www.cynthiaguffey.com

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Sharp sewing
shears, rotary cutter,
cutting mat, straight
pins, marking tool,
ruler, tape measure,
#2 pencils, hand
sewing needles,
thimble, seam ripper,
thread, pin cushion
and notepad.
Sewing machines are
provided in
the classroom.
Students should check
class descriptions for
additional items needed.

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